Camping in Moab, Utah

Since being in CO for the summer, we had done plenty of mountain trips and hikes through the gorgeous alpine forests. But we were craving a trip to the desert. We both managed to get a quick two days off from work and began planning a trip to the mesmerizing parks near Moab, UT. We woke up before sunrise and made the 5 hour journey West to Utah. It felt like we had literally transported to a different world. The landscape was so unlike the mountain scenes we had been enjoying all summer, and the sun was so much hotter than what we’d been feeling at high elevation.

We made our way to our first stop, Arches National Park. We had visited here once before, but the EPIC rocks were just as amazing the second time. We got to explore a new part of the park and hiked into a beautiful arch surrounded by ancient petroglyphs. That night, we camped at the nearby Dead Horse Point State Park and caught some breathtaking views of nearby Canyonlands. The sun set on the canyon and a sky full of stars appeared. We woke up early after sleeping under the stars and made our way to Canyonlands National Park. It felt like we were the only ones in this expansive land. We began a hike into the canyon and were blown away by the beauty tucked away into every corner of the rocks around us. We were totally blissed out and loving the desert vibe that had seeped into our every pore.

After two days of hiking in the sun, and night of camping, we were toast. I actually had tan lines from the dust! We talked to the park ranger and found the perfect river spot to escape to. Luckily, we brought Twin Springs with us and were able to wash off in the river. It felt so good using the fresh soap knowing it wouldn’t harm the plant life around us and that the yummy smell was all natural. The best part is just closing it up and throwing it in our camping bag knowing it won’t leave a mess. After we dried off from the river, we headed into the town of Moab to check it out and get some souvenirs. And of course, we couldn’t head back to the mountains without trying a local Utah beer :) Even though our trip to the desert was short, every inch of it was bursting with the beauty of our surroundings and the excitement of a new exploration.


-Kelly and Gwen