Summer Getaway 2019

Summer is the time for traveling, right? Especially to sandy beaches and warm weather. Kurt, CEO and Chemist, and Kait, Designer and Marketing Guru, of Twin Springs packed their bags and left for Newark Airport at 4:00AM on a Friday mid-August on their way to Florida. Kait’s family has a quaint ocean front condo on the beach of Hutchinson Island, Florida and that was where the two of them, along with her mom, dad, and brother, resided for their getaway. It was quite the tight squeeze, good thing they all like each other. 

Kurt, Kait, and Kait’s mom went biking down the island on the first day ending up near Bath Tub Reef where the rocks stick out over the shore. The sun was at the perfect height where the light sparkled off the waves (making for great photos which Kait loved). The three of them explored a bit before biking back to the property. They all spent the rest of the day on the beach (with Twin Springs of course) playing in the waves before heading out to dinner where live reggae music played. 


The next morning they got up early enough to almost see the sunrise. The air was still a bit cool that early and the sun was just peaking up from the horizon, making for a super peaceful and calm morning. Afterwards, Kurt, Kait, and Brendan (Kait’s brother) cooked a big breakfast along with Bloody Mary’s before heading out for an afternoon on the river. 


Pontoon boats are literally made to be partied on, and that’s exactly what they did. 4 hours on the water and just like that, two cases of White Claw, one roll of camera film, and one bluetooth speaker were finished and burnt out. It was definitely worth it though considering they boated all the way down the channel to see the beautiful homes lining the shore while stopping at the secret beach Kait’s family finds every year. They know it by the tilted palm tree that juts out over the beach and the tunnel of trees that leads you out to the ocean on the other side. 




The next day they all visited the nearby Ocean and Graphics Center. There they learned about sting rays before getting the opportunity to feed them and then afterwards took a nature trail around the property (while also getting bit by a million bugs). 



Overall, it was an adventure filled last quick getaway before gearing up for fall (and the upcoming Twin Springs launch). They learned about sea turtles, fed catfish and sting rays, played in the waves, sun tanned, and obviously, got clean with Twin Springs ;) 

Till next time, 

Kurt and Kait