Cocado Soap Stick

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Enjoy your next adventure with Twin Springs Cocado Soap Stick! Handcrafted from scratch, Cocado includes saponified oils of Coconut, Avocado, and Olive! We craft our soap into the travel container using the cold process approach, preserving the beneficial properties of these organic oils making our soap gentle, soothing, and super soft! Perfect for traveling, camping, backpacking, hiking, or any event when life is on the go! Enjoy the generous, bubbly lather wherever life may take you. It's the perfect natural way to stay clean!

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Coconut, Avocado, and Olive (with retained glycerine), Coconut Lime Verbena Fragrance oil, Spring water | 2.65 oz.

Handcrafted with Raw Oils | Vegan | No Animal Testing | No additives | No Animal Products | No Animal By Products | Perfect for Travel, Camping, and Life On The Go

Directions: Wherever it may be: waterfall, lake, river, creek, beach, post hike simply twist up soap stick to expose more surface area and apply! Use water for best application. If you let go of the travel soap stick it's no worries, it conveniently will float right by your side. Once you feel naturally clean put the cap back on and carry on to your next adventure!

Customer Reviews

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Awesome, Innovative Product!

Love the smell and fell of this soap. It's like having deodorant for your whole entire body! If you travel, outdoors or in hotels, this soap is perfect to bring anywhere. Doesn't dry out skin.

Matt Cowherd
Perfect for a Yosemite Hike

Found this hidden gem prior to my Yosemite trip and wow was it a lifesaver. Never heard of this company, but thought the travel container was a pretty neat idea. The main reason I am writing this review is because I was able to hike Upper Yosemite Falls Trail and use this soap after in the Upper Pines campsite and did not smell according to my girlfriend. For that, I am more than thankful! Love the soap and scent!